Classes + Workshops

Camp | Throughout the year we will offer camp sessions over long weekends, holiday breaks and summer!

Join us for camp! Students will explore art, science, kitchen, academic, outdoor and tech labs.

Creation Station | Art, Science and Engineering Classes & Workshops

Our Philosophy: We embrace innovation and creativity with hands-on exploration! We want to experience the world of art, science, and engineering with you!

Cook Nook | Cooking & Hospitality Classes & Workshops

Our Philosophy: We believe in hospitality!  Having these life-long tools and knowledge will allow you to prepare culinary creations for yourself, family and friends!

Think Tank | Academic Classes & Workshops

Our Philosophy: We focus on building a strong academic foundation to prepare students for success. We want to help you develop strategies and skills that benefit your future!

TechTube | Technology & Video Production Classes & Workshops

Our Philosophy: In a tech world that is constantly changing, we want to prepare you with cutting edge skills and tricks. Firsthand experience with  new technology will equip you for the future!

Zen Den | Social Emotional & Life Skills Classes & Workshops

Our Philosophy: We offer a safe place that teaches social skills, growth mindset, and prepares hearts and minds for the inevitable challenges in life. We believe emotional intelligence and independence are keys to your future success!

Spotlight Studio | Music, Drama & Movement Classes & Workshops

Our Philosophy: We see the value in performing arts, entertainment, and movement!  We believe making these disciplines fun, will encourage more creativity and participation.

Grass Garage | Outdoor Exploration Classes & Workshops

Our Philosophy: We believe the outdoor environment offers endless learning opportunities! Our outdoor space gives more room to explore, discover and grow a multitude of life skills.